Abstract submission

The report may be done in English.

The abstract should be prepared in English in MS Word (Times New Roman, 11 pt., “Title of report” - bold capital letters, “Author, e-mail” - bold letters black colour; top, bottom, right - 1,5 cm and left - 2,0 cm Instruction for the abstracts in MS Word) within one full only A5 page, which is printed in portrait mode.

Attention: all formulas should be written with legible mathematical symbols and indexes.

The authors can send  

  • registration form
  • abstracts
by e-mail :  pdmu@univ.kiev.ua or conf.pdmu@gmail.com .

With all questions on abstracts submission contact by the one of the following ways :
  E-mail:  pdmu@univ.kiev.uaor conf.pdmu@gmail.com
  Tel.: +380 44  259 05 34  or 521 35 35
  Fax: +380 44  259 01 19