Abstract submission

The report must be done in the official language (English).
The separate registration form should be filled for each report. The abstract should be prepared in English in MS Word (Times New Roman, 11 pt., “Title of report” - bold capital letters, “Author, e-mail” - bold letters black colour; top, bottom, right - 1,5 cm and left - 2,0 cm Instruction for the abstracts in MS Word) within one full only A5 page, which is printed in portrait mode.
Attention: all formulas should be written with legible mathematical symbols and indexes.

The authors can send  

  • registration form
  • abstracts
by e-mail :  pdmu@univ.kiev.ua or conf.pdmu@gmail.com .

With all questions on abstracts submission contact by the one of the following ways :
  E-mail:  pdmu@univ.kiev.uaor conf.pdmu@gmail.com
  Tel.: +380 44  259 05 34  or 259 05 20
  Fax: +380 44  259 01 19